Weekend Retreats

Pendle Hill Cohort 2013-14 Final Evaluations from participants:

“It will change your life in unexpected ways. You will discover how amazing people are when you know them on a deep level. You will leave even the first weekend with a sense of connection unlike any other.  You will learn to appreciate the power of listening.”

“The experience of the cohort was wonderful and to learn and grow together – I will always cherish. The clearness committee experience is hard to describe in words – so the experience far exceeded the explanation in words.”

“I have strengthened deep listening practices, courage and centeredness.” MC

“The most valuable aspect of this retreat series was being in a safe place where I could be my truest self without anxiety about sharing emotions or being perfect.”

“I learned the power of intention, the power of trust, integrity and love. This series was fabulous beyond measure, nothing like it in the world – give yourself the gift”  MH

“I feel more aware of the Divine Presence in others. It was an opportunity to deepen your capacity to be present to yourself and others – to make soul level connection with self and others in service of more abundant life.”  NS

“This experience filled my cup to overflowing. I am more strong, clearer, energized, more affirming of self – and thus all others I am in relationship with. The most valuable aspect of the retreat is to have communion with other souls willing to be exposed, to be held in a very palpable love, to be encouraged to grow. This is about transformation – about being totally alive and using your life in the way you were meant to be.” LMH

“I gained the skills and experienced the support to open up to my soul’s wisdom and create a safe space for others to do the same.”

“The most valuable aspects of this retreat series were experiencing the physical, emotional, conceptual sensations of listening and speaking from the deepest, most authentic place. Journey into Wholeness is a deep-dive into the experience of meeting each other as human beings beyond our roles, status and expertise.  It is an opportunity to build the capacity to listen and speak authentically, and practice living a more generative life.” BAB

“Truly this is a journey of renewal.  Be prepared to be opened from the inside out. Soulwork is where it all begins … in loving, open, compassionate community.” NG

“I have found my soul voice and know I can reach it and experience it. It was valuable to have the reiteration of the process, so that it became a part of the soul and not the ego.”

“I could not have imagined the depth of this experience.  The way each retreat weekend built on the one before.” RK

“If you are willing to explore who you are and be open to self-discovery, if you are willing to be part of a trust community, if you are looking for guidance and help in your life journey – you should give yourself the gift of this retreat series.” RG

“I am embracing all the elements of myself –all my pain and sorrow, all my love and joy – all my journey, all of its travelling companions. I am embracing it all and realizing I can weave it together to create wholeness and acceptance – and that I am not done with the weaving.  I am using open-ended reflection to help others hear their soul’s message. I am loving myself just the way I am. If you are ready to weave all the seemingly disparate elements of your life into a beautiful tapestry, if you are ready to learn how to listen deeply and empower others to hear their soul – take this retreat series.” ES