Weekend Retreats

What is a Circle of Trust®?

taking an inner journey toward rejoining soul and role requires authentic relationships, a rare but real form of community that I call a “circle of trust”

- Parker Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness


The Circle of Trust ® retreat, developed by Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach and The Active Life, is for all those desiring to live more wholeheartedly within their work and daily lives.  The approach incorporates a defined set of principles and practices, and honors a high level of confidentiality – all of which can be a life-changing doorway to personal and professional renewal.  We offer you an invitation to slow down for a short time – to experience time away from a culture of high speed living – and explore those inner resources which sustain  meaningful work and a soulful life connected in harmony with all of nature and her peoples.

All of us engaged in the helping and serving professions in education, healthcare, law, philanthropy, religious/spiritual life and nonprofit and community organizations, know the challenge of supporting ourselves and our commitment to deeply held values and beliefs.  The more passionate we are about our work, the more vital it is that we take time to renew our own spirits – to reconnect with the wellsprings of our service to others. This different kind of professional development focuses on aligning who we are with what we do, reclaiming our personal identity and integrity.

In this retreat, skilled facilitators help create a quiet, focused, and disciplined space—a circle of trust—in which the noise within us and around us can subside and we can begin to hear our own inner voice. In large group, small group, and solitary settings, we will explore the intersection of our personal and professional lives, making use of stories from our own journeys, and insights from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions. Clearness Circles, a communal process of discernment around a difficult life or vocational issue, may be offered as part of this retreat.

It seems to me that each of us belongs to the world in a very particular way, and that we learn slowly to live out that way of belonging as a faith that can be stronger than any religious dogma. I do not think this is a selfish road; I believe that this is the only authentic way we can give of our self and our gifts to others. This is how we learn to be generous. And it is also how we learn the magnificence and difficulty of living a courageous life. —David Whyte

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