Soulcare Conversations

So I took time out on a very busy week, on a lovely May Saturday to be with others for a circle on “the Greening of Life.”
“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, as trees.” Since that afternoon during which I pondered with others my own soul’s greening, I have not felt the same. In good ways, in new ways.

Soul Gardening Circles at Stonehaven have been instrumental in my life journey as they connect me to nature, to others, to myself through beauty, reflection, and the sharing of poems, insights, and silence…out of which has come transformation of my soul. I feel changed, freed up and connected to, in ways difficult to express. From the invitation to see myself with “soft eyes”, I find myself doing just during my days since visiting Stonehaven. 
Carol uses her giftedness and expertise to develop a circle of trust that creates a safe space for the most timid soul to be, and to be with others. Her deep respect for others creates a wonderful energy, a place where I find myself invited to breath and become aware. The atmosphere is one of wellness and peacefulness.
Trust is the centerpiece of my experience of soul gardening with others. I am learning to trust myself, and be more at home with uncertainty, even mystery in the world, in God, in me…at feel at once lighter, and more grounded through the remedying force of nature.
I look forward to the next invitation to see me, a soul gardener, with again “soft eyes” and see what growing, what is greening inside me.
from Gerri Vattimo, Jeffersonville, PA


from …  retreat participants June 2011

This indeed feels like a sacred space

…  It is so wonderful to be at Stonehaven – I loved being on the stone paths …

I’ve thanked God for bringing me to your garden countless times, for planting me in this soil, watering me in so many wonderful ways over the last year … this time at Stonehaven has been magical Emily, Texas


What a fabulous repsite from everyday concerns.  It’s much easier to put problems into perspective after spending time with Carol and her wonderful garden. Janice , Merion PA

God has culturally prepared Uli’s family to welcome everyone from any culture to live with them, I did not feel homesick during my time with them, because they were treating me as their own child and brother.

Dewa Djongkalma   ND’jamena  Chad   Africa


Each visit to Stonehaven over the past 13 years has been a time of refreshment, encouragement and challenge for me. I have met God at Stonehaven.  My journey of healing and transformation has been supported and influenced by my time in this beautiful, magical place. Margot Eyring  Washington DC


Whenever I arrive at Stonehaven I feel as if I have stepped into a kind of “Narnian Wardrobe”, entering a world so rich in tranquility, beauty, and relationship.  It’s almost as if my soul is waiting there to meet me and reintroduce itself to me!  I return to my world renewed, inspired and challenged each time.

Donna Bromley, Hope for the Nations,Vancouver B.C.


Divine grace dances with human intention in sacred space created by Stonehaven’s lyrical beauty. There my soul grew wings.

Debbie Berghuis,