Soulcare Conversations


…  a year with the lotus

We have become an urbanized consumer culture that lives increasingly hooked and dependent upon technology and mechanization.  The quiet wisdom that comes from rural life and religious or indigenous practice that plants us in the soil of the earth and her peoples, is often run over in the frenetic pace of our lives.   Stonehaven is a suburban property in Main Line Philadelphia dedicated to thoughtful contemplative dialogue. It is a place where the landscaped garden, the quiet stream, and the untamable forest offers you space to slow down and listen to your own life speak.   This following season we will be offering different programs – a few hours, a full day or weekend retreats considering these questions:

 These meditation circles are offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1:00-3:30 PM – both with similar content. Do plan to come to any one of these:

April 12 or 13 

May 10 or 11

June 14 or 15

Have you ever marveled at the beauty of the lotus plant, or wondered why it is considered sacred in so many of the world’s religions? Throughout this year we will showcase one lotus plant that is growing here at Stonehaven. Throughout the last decade of my life, it has taught me much about living life from the bottom-up, from the inside-out, and the upside-down. All the muck and mire at the bottom of the pond is the place from where this plant flourishes. Each season will bring new reflection and fresh wisdom as we pay attention to the gifts of nature and awaken the divine within our individual and communal souls.

Come join us for silent reflection and personal meditation in the garden, and group conversation in a Circle.

There is no set charge for this event, but donations are gratefully accepted towards the work of Stonehaven.

Please be sure to register in advance via email ckortsch@gmail or through Meet-Up – Soul Gardeners Circle as there is a limit of  14 for each group.

For those interested these are the guidleines, or Touchstones that we use for each group conversation