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Earthquakes and a White Picket Fence

March 17th, 2011 (No Comments)

How are you dealing with the emerging story of horror from Japan? First we hear of the shattering earthquake, then the devastating tsunami, now the lethal radiation. I have to force myself to watch the news.  To get beyond the horrific facts and really enter those images makes my heart melt in agony and a certain traumatic numbness haunts me for hours. Many of you have said the same thing as we talked about it these last days. It pushes all the boundaries of our belief and understanding. How impossible to carry the weight of all the happenings that we witness on our globe and yet, not to, is not an option for us as global-citizens. Have you noticed how you are managing this crisis – inside and out? (more…)

The Voice of Stonehaven

February 22nd, 2011 (1 Comment)

The Voice of Stonehaven

You call me Stonehaven, but once I was called Hillside and Gaybrook. Before that, those that knew me as home, knew me as Water for drink and cleansing, as Earth for solid ground for planting, for growing green and tall, and for the millions of rocks that are my solid bed. Many knew me as Air, for their wings to fly and breath for their lungs. They have known me to pass through to visit as raging Fire that at least once devastatingly scorched this building. They heated water with fire here and warmed their bodies to work and make love, to create new life all over again. (more…)