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DSC09355Two years ago, we tiptoed into the slow unzipping of our hearts as we began to consider leaving home, packing up and heading West to Colorado. Over these past years, something deep has been happening in and through Uli and me – something curiously enigmatic. This is not retirement. This is a down payment, a deposit in Earth’s riches – for some future growth – for our own individual soul’s sake and for the sake of the greater Earth community and our work as a couple of global elders together. And particularly, for the sake of this place, a call for the next generation of care-takers to come and tend this land and re-imagine the deep circle of hospitality that is Stonehaven.

Stonehaven Commons is for sale.

We have never invested so much in a place as we have done here, nor have we received so much.  This is the beginning of a rich elder season as we let go and re-plant ourselves, as did our Quaker ancestors, as an investment in the future. It feels like Stonehaven is to us and to our children and grandchildren like one of those ‘altars’ that the ancient patriarchs – those peripatetic visionaries of the scriptures – built and left behind as a marker for the generations to come. Something strong rises in us and wants to be known –

This is the place where God visited us.

The place where angels showed up.

This is the place where we wrestled with unknown forces.

Where we re-opened old wells that had been stopped.

Visions flow from this place, and this is also where we waited in longing and hope for their fulfillment.

This is where we believed and prayed for new tomorrows,

A place where we built ‘an ark’, of sorts – a shelter from the storm, a beautiful paradise where everyone was welcome, where miracles of wine and food and resources of money arrived in unexpected, unprecedented ways.

This is where we celebrated and loved and grew in wisdom, where the voice of the land speaks loudly.

This is where we buried our dead and where we rejoiced in the birth of dear grandchildren.

Every morning in spring here you can hear the chorus of birds sweetening the air and when the shrill peeping of toads makes you laugh you are inspired to join the great orchestra of life. Each in our own way playing our own instrument. Together.

We died many kinds of deaths here and we have been re-born into greater Earth community here.

Today is a day to remember all of this, so that we can go forward boldly into a greater flow of Love into tomorrow.

This is a parting ritual of love for our old home that will live forever in our hearts.


Carol Kortsch  writing from Boulder, Colorado DSC09156

Feb 4, 2019

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