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Paddle Your Canoe Carefully

June 24th, 2013 (No Comments)

E hoi waa meka aka hele” … Nelson, our first story-teller of the evening, spoke these Hawaiian words with deep conviction. “As we move together in team, as each of us in our place dips our paddle carefully into this life, then we propel ourselves forward on top of the waves.”  Nelson has tattooed this life-message on his back — that across the generations, we need one another to help steer our course towards the goal of the divine finish line.

 circle of firelightJune 2013Over 40 of us gathered around the fire-pit last night here at Stonehaven, and even though hordes of hungry mosquitoes relished our exposed skin, we sat raptly as our wise Earth stories played out for the next hour. Honolulu HI, Audubon PA, Missoula MT, Nordenham Germany, Nova Scotia, Villanova PA, Egypt … and so many others … we introduced our Earth homes, our heart-places, that link us around the globe. Christina Baldwin has said that “It has always been scary to step into the circle of firelight, to show up in the company of strangers, to ask for entrance or to offer it,” but we did it!  We risked picking up the talking stick and speaking from our hearts to strangers; sharing stories that expressed our personal connection to Earth, to each other, and to the long line of ancestors who have gone before.

Most of us only knew a handful of the people there. We were a remarkably diverse cultural group that found each other here in the heart of Main Line USA last evening. One group of four women friends came at the end of the day after celebrating one of their 9Oth birthdays. Teens and grandpas laughed at the story of Jenni-Kay’s precious nanny goat that needed a 44 DDD bra. Three-year old Luna played among us while her mother’s drum spoke its resonant story that has been heard in aboriginal circles since the beginning of time – a sound that sent shivers down my spine. A sound this land rejoiced in hearing.

So what brought us here? Why did one couple, just off the plane from once again leaving their homeland England, make their way into our midst, despite jet-lag and barely knowing a soul? I wonder. What was each of us seeking? As I write, the sweet joy of the evening still lingers in the moonlight, the brilliant “supermoon” casting her shadows throughout the garden. Yes, surely a garden party and a potluck dinner can be an invitation to community adventure, but is it possible that even deeper in our gut, we all are longing for safe spaces for our souls to show up? Do our iphone satiated souls hanker for face-to-face-circles of truth-telling? Do we long to listen to the deeper resonance of how truly connected we are to each other and to all of nature’s beings on this planet?

Maybe like two mid-life women, you discovered as you met that you were born on exactly the same day. Maybe you might be wondering where God, or Allah, or Spirit is in this chance synchronicity and what other gifts wait to emerge as you unpack this experience.  Maybe like the man who traveled for an hour and half just to sit in community conversation, you will be willing to do anything to unleash the fierce, wild love inside yourself, that creative courage that can build a more sustainable world and will welcome your grandchildren into the seventh generation.

It is my fervent prayer that this is only a glimmer of the understanding that we are being called to explore and act upon at this time in our history. As a peripatetic earthchild from Angola, Africa, who has travelled many miles to be planted here in this spot of land, my soul calls me to draw these community circles  of diversity together, and to wait and watch with anticipation as we are led.  Maybe it’s your turn to show up next time! July 28 … Aug 25 … after that – who knows?!

Let’s remember that we are all in this canoe together – and Earth’s storms are surely upon us in many ways. Let’s each find our authentic soulplace and listen to the mysterious, yet clarion call of Mystery that invites us to dare to fully show up on this Earth.

Circle of Firelightcircleof firelight3

It has always been scary

to step into the circle of firelight,

to show up in the company of strangers,

to ask for entrance or to offer it. Our hearts race —

Will we have the courage to see each other?

Will we have the courage to see the world?

The risks we take in the twenty first century

are based on risks human beings took

thousands of years ago.

We are not different from our ancestors,

they are still here, coded inside us.

They are, I believe,

cheering us on.

                                                                                     Christina Baldwin in Calling the Circle

a catbird on my head

June 2nd, 2013 (No Comments)

At dawn this week, as I was meditating in the magnificent morning chorus, a catbird flew up behind me and landed on my head then flapped away! Needless to say I was startled – but once my heart settled, I welcomed it as a blessing of being received as one with All in the garden. Mousy grey, inconspicuous-looking catbirds are my most favorite choristers all summer long. Then after another hymn of praise, she or he flew up from in front of me and did it again – this time resting longer as I was more still. Now I knew I was definitely blessed!!

If you’re ready for Mystery to find you, or looking for communal conversation and celebration, or ready to dive into your body/soul connection, then come and join us this summer at Stonehaven. Uli and I, and Jenni Kay and Zach are excited about three different kinds of program offerings.

Soul-Gardeners Summer Meditation  “The Lotus in You is Alive”

both Friday June 14 and Sat June 15

1:00 – 3:30pm – same program on each afternoon


 Sunday Fire-pit Circle Celebrations

Celebrating community, welcoming diversity,

a time for thoughtful conversation and music in the contemplative space of nature – earth, fire, air and water

June 23 – Earth Story Celebration

Story-Telling: a creative fest of diversity from our local community, our cultures of origin, and our personal experience.
-bring food and drink to share, warm blanket or a low chair as needed for outdoors weather, percussion instruments, and definitely invite your muse – your inner story-teller!

July 28 –  Earth Song Concert

a full Concert with Denise Moser  … and an opportunity to bring your own earth songs and poetry.

Aug 25 – Earth Beat Festival

a drum circle – listening to the rhythm of our lives

Yoga with Jenni-Kay

We are excited to be offering three weekly yoga classes this summer! Start dates will be announced when the spaces are filled.

Gentle Yoga – Tuesday mornings from 10:00 AM until 11:15 AM

Chakra Yoga – Wednesday mornings from 10:00 AM until 11:15 AM

Yin Yoga and Meditation  -Thursday mornings from 10:00 AM until 11:15 AM

Please email Jenni Kay if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for a class.

We know this summer world is full of many enticing opportunities. I hope your soul leads you here to join our circles, to connect with this precious land and all her beauty, and to revel in the abundant life inside you that loves to “laugh with flowers” and the birds that land on your head.

us know asap by email or phone 610 3040547 if you plan to come.

Joyfully, and with promises for the best summer soul-care we can give,