The Spaciousness of Spring

The Spaciousness of Spring

March 6th, 2013 (No Comments)

spring stream.jpgAre you feeling the season turning?

 Do you notice the light and warmth from the sun intensifying, the bird calls changing almost daily now?

 Are you watching the greening tips of spring bulbs popping up out of freezing earth?

 How about your body – are you ready for a burst of spring energy, or do you need a few more weeks to snuggle back into your winter lair?

Does spring break mean an escape to the southern warmth of summer, or to the snow packed mountains for a few    more skiing runs?

This month our meditation at Stonehaven will be with the spaciousness of this time of year.snowdrops.jpg

On what it is like to stand at the brink of deep change and yet also wait for the time to come. 

How do we hold our emotional place on Earth when all around us change is in the air?

How do we live out of the paradox of being contained in a human body when our spirit has a life of its own, and our environment affects us so profoundly?

                                            Gunilla Norris has called this “thawing into spring” – how lovely!

On March 8, come for few hours and reflect the “Spaciousness of Early Spring.” We’ll be taking time alone, outdoors (as weather permits,) and in a safe circle space guided by group touchstones that evoke individual soul growth. This is another in a year long monthly Friday Garden Meditations at Stonehaven from 1:00-3.30pm. We’ll be exploring some of these questions, looking if the lotus plant shows any signs of life– maybe this remarkable plant offers inspiring ways to look more deeply into subtle growth that occurs during seasonal changes of our lives.

Join us! Let us know if you are coming please. More information about Stonehaven and this program can be found at

NEW!   Starting next month, we will be offering both Friday and Saturday Meditations – both with similar content. Do plan to come to anyone one of these:

March 8

April 12 or 13

May 10 or 11

June 14 or 15

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