The Gifts of Deep Winter: connecting body, soul, and spirit in community

The Gifts of Deep Winter: connecting body, soul, and spirit in community

January 16th, 2013 (No Comments)

Like so many days of this winter season, today is bleak, wet, and bone-chilling. Isn’t it easy to long for spring, to reach out to the future, or totally escape the lurking winter blues? I have found that many of winter’s best gifts come from accepting our place in this season of life; digging deeper into the darker, more soulful aspects of our lives. Without doubt, winter gives us more time and opportunities to be reflective. Do consider joining our next Circle meditation entitled:

The Gifts of Deep Winter: connecting body, soul, and spirit in community

Fri. Jan.25 1.00 – 3.30pm

Over the past months we have been seeing how as we pay attention to the lotus plant,

and other beautiful gifts from the garden, we can find fresh wisdom in each season. This month we will be reflecting with the following questions:

 How can we live life from the bottom-up, from the inside-out, and the upside-down?

What are the connections – body, soul and spirit – that hold us in place in forced seasons of rest?

What strengthening connections are offered from all of Earth’s community to hold us through the darker days of our lives?


Come join us for tea, silent reflection, personal meditation outdoors in the garden (as weather permits), and group conversation in a Circle.  By the way, the next one will be on March 8.  There is no charge these events, but donations will be taken for the work here at Stonehaven.
Please be sure to let me know you’ll be coming by email or through Meet-Up – Soul Gardeners Circle, as there is a limit of 14 for each group.
With inspiration and courage,

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