On Privacy, Social Networking Identity and Authentic Soul Communication

On Privacy, Social Networking Identity and Authentic Soul Communication

February 2nd, 2012 (No Comments)

“..writer, crazy gardener, retreat guide, guardian of the sacred, African heart, wilderness soul, circle facilitator, earth listener, life adventurer…”

Today, after 6 decades of abundant living, I summed up my life bio in 140 characters – I joined Twitter – stepping into a fresh adventure of 21st Century communications.

I have been pondering this plunge for years; unsure how and when to dive into FB, blogs and the vast network of remarkable tools that colorfully highlight our inter-connectedness. It is with trepidation and glee that I leap from the private sanctuary of my home office, from the enigmatic hushed world of psychotherapy into the bold tweet, the audacious blog and the rousing shout-out of yet another writerly person calling for your attention.

It is time to stretch beyond the comfortable boundary of the therapist’s chair and risk authentic public soul communication. I note there are more and more of us who clearly can’t help but join the clamor of voices and the inviting potential of this unexplored space of the virtual world. My work in this world has always been to be authentic and soulful – to look at the depths – from microbiologist to missionary, from mother to monastery, a psychological soul gardener and wordsmith – an artist who aspires to “build fresh channels for spirit and artful arrangements for soul.” These words penned by Bill Plotkin, in Nature and the Human Soul have been inspiring my social networking journey today. What under-girds me is a hard won confidence that my soul is leading from within as I learn to trust this inner guide more.

Raised in Africa, I am a village of diverse characters and like many of you global or desk-chair activists, my peripatetic journey has gifted me with remarkable experiences that I long to share. So come join me, respond thoughtfully, and for God’s sake please don’t remain silent – let’s talk and stir up the old global networks, relishing our diversity and finding the conversations that earth and the great Mystery stirs within us. I hope my blogs will impart the feeling of sitting around a camp-fire. Like our fire-pit here at Stonehaven: the circle of friends, the dark shadows, and the good conversation over food and wine, bring light and color to deepest longings and spark showers of energy to release our best gifts into the world.


Dancer and choreographer Martha Graham said: “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it ….the world will not have it.”

How do you sum up your ‘vitality’, your life in 140 characters? 

Send it back to me via Twitter, or Facebook or respond here by email.

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