Building Walls: a people wall and a rock wall

Building Walls: a people wall and a rock wall

February 6th, 2012 (1 Comment)

It’s curious to say this, but my primary work in the world these days revolves around actively building two walls: the relational wall of social media community networks and rebuilding the field stone wall surrounding our fire-pit here at Stonehaven – a people wall and a rock wall. 

It is the perfect balance for the body of an activist like me, and to sit and write about this today gives me much joy. Like the emerging circle of stones around our outdoor meeting area, I see the mysterious harmony of piecing together web design, linking Twitter, and throwing wide open the Facebook privacy circle of my life as I ponder the gift of digging for field stones that have been buried possibly for more than two centuries in this Pennsylvania dirt. I’ve been imagining who sweated over them, laying them deep in the bedrock, stabilizing the wall that would bind generations of refuse dumps, vegetable gardens, rabbits and deer into a dance across centuries.  As I re-build the old walls and stretch out the borders to form a more spacious and inviting circle for meeting,  I’ve been enjoying playful conversations with relics from the past like broken shards of dinner china, and as I hoist each rock into place, my prayers go to those who will come and sit around the fire and be warmed by soulful conversation. Maybe you will be one who will join us soon in one of our circles?! Each one of you is most welcome…

Is this any different for my hope for my expanding FB Wall? I hope not. It is giving me remarkable joy to re-connect names and old-time friends, honoring each face that ‘friends’ me or reads my blog. I  hope each of us daily remembers how wonderfully built we are into a living and breathing wall that is older than time, that surrounds each of our moments. I have not heard from many of you for decades, but I hope our Stonehaven FB page will invite diverse global voices to speak and listen to one another. How this will happen, we are not yet sure, but this is our intention as it has been for the life of this communal physical property of Stonehaven. Surely it is the work of all our lives to keep on daily building new stones on the solid foundations of the past as we look with faith into the future.

And now before winter days return, it is time to go outside to dig and plant large boulders of hope as I tend this good earth we have been given to enjoy.

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  1. Carol,
    What a lovely balance on the same day – investigating the reaches of connection through virtual means, and grappling with rock and earth and the sting of February air. I would love to drop by and struggle to place a rock in place with you. But I am grateful, given the distance between us, that we can connect still – deeply too, across the miles – I look forward to the conversations!

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