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“Being the Garden” in a season of Darkness and Light

November 30th, 2011 (No Comments)
Let us prepare for winter.
The sun has turned away from us
and the nest of summer hangs broken in a tree.
Life slips through our fingers and,
as darkness gathers, our hands grow cold.
It is time to go inside.
It is time for reflection and resonance.
It is time for contemplation.
Let us go inside. 
                                                          -Michael Leunig


This winter holiday season has arrived again, I wonder what you are experiencing?
What is it like for you to enter this celebratory and waiting time of year?
How do you balance all the darkness and light that this season brings?
Where do you search for light?
How do you live in these darkest days of the year?
I wonder what it means to “Be the Garden” when frost starts to creep in and grip us in place for the winter snows to come.
This week on Friday, Dec 2 from 1.00pm to 3.30pm we will be “going inside” in a circle of thoughtful people to reflect on some of these questions.  We’ll also take some time to wander the outside garden, as barren and cold as it may be, and see if we can learn more of how our souls find growth in every season of the year.


Come and join this circle for tea and meaningful conversation … or the next ones on Jan 13, Feb 10, 2012 . We’ll be meeting most months throughout the coming year to consider how to grow and live “Being the Garden”.  There is no charge these events, but donations will be taken for the work here at Stonehaven.

 Please be sure to let Carol know you’ll be coming by email or call 610 304-0547.

Season’s blessings for courage and light!