Autumn Circle – Friday Oct 28 1.00 – 3.30pm

Autumn Circle – Friday Oct 28 1.00 – 3.30pm

October 24th, 2011 (No Comments)

Come and join the circle this Friday! There is no fee but if you’d like to give a donation to this work at Stonehaven you are most welcome. What does it mean to “Be the Garden”?  That is our theme for these monthly circles.

This morning I was looking at my garden and noting that despite the more obvious dying processes of autumn going on, there are enormous growth changes that have taken place since this time last year, or five … ten … years ago.  Sometimes just clearing out the weeds, fallen leaves and general garden-life detritus, opens up another view. Genuine change has been happening all along! A bigger more expansive view is possible this season; summer in all her glory has a way of overhelming us with abundance and once the leaves fall and settle – after all that swirling – maybe we can find a way to see more clearly.

This Friday afternoon for a couple of hours we’ll be taking time to slow down and pay attention to our colorful inner gardens. We’ll be sharing conversation and silence around this autumn theme; it is always remarkable how much we learn from each other in these circles. We don’t fix or straighten up each other’s gardens, we never pull up each other’s weeds, we do all we can to respect each other’s diverse and unique soul journeys.  Come for a few hours and trust that you’ll find whatever wisdom it is that you need for this season of your life.  Did you know that a lot of good planting can happen in a fall garden?

Let me know by phone 610 3040547 or email if you are coming. By the way, the next circle will be held on Dec 2. Hope to see you … and feel free to bring a soul-friend with you!


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