Be the Garden

Be the Garden

August 22nd, 2011 (1 Comment)

Seasons change. The rain has now arrived in torrents, bucketing down amidst crackling lightning and thunderous skies that shake the walls of this old house. A month ago I was bewailing the lack of water for the garden. How quickly time moves on to this next season of replenishment and visible growth.

Welcome to that final explosion of summer that bursts the Turkey figs open and heralds the radiance of the dinner-plate dahlias! Here at Stonehaven the brugsmania, sweet angel trumpets once again broadcast their fragrance into the night garden. The mosquitoes too are revived, but if you don’t scratch or worry their poison, it goes quickly away. Nature, as always, has so many remarkable snapshots of truth.

This morning I was meditating once again on the power of sitting quietly and drinking in this garden of Eden all around me when I came across the phrase – “Be the Garden.”   This tiny phrase represents a missing piece I have been searching for. As the season turns to fall, back to activities and often frenetic ‘ordinary time’, I have wondered how to offer this gift of Stonehaven to those who are hearing the call to take time to slow down their busy lives and listen.

What series of meditations, day retreats or seminars might call in all of you who long to be in a closer community with one another and all that is of the divine in nature? How can we here at Stonehaven best offer you a mini sanctuary from time to time, for your own soul’s respite?  Today the garden spoke to me as I wandered around with my camera taking pictures while speaking aloud the words to my soul … “Be the Garden.”

I saw reflections of the sun in the millions of suspended raindrops; a gift from heaven sent to earth – to flower, grass and stone. I noted the dark caverns of beauty inside flowers that dared me to enter with focused attention and breathe deeply of their unknown.  All around me the huge leaves of tropical foliage, like jungle animals, raised their stripes and spots up out of their hiding places in the shadows. They pounced out into the light this morning and took my breath away. As I stooped to the ground and peered closer through my brand new tri-focals, the earth was chock full of decomposing objects: fungus, molds, and tiny mycelial threads that break down death into the energy for new life to grow again. The compost of fall is always just around the corner.

I trailed one bumble bee around the fire-pit garden for a long time until my camera battery started to beep and I had skinned my knee falling over a log in my pursuit. I was trying to photograph this elusive marvel as he crawled upwards into the waiting pollen factories to capture perfumed dust and spread it around the waiting world.  I waited, hoping to catch the moments when a water-lily opened her petals; they were perfectly gilded with glassy beads of moisture that reflected the blueness of the sky.  But it was time to come in – time to work like the bumble-bee.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for some of our new offerings this new season. Come and join in the mystery of the interplay of inner and outer growth of our human soul as we join the parade of days throughout the year. Come and listen to your inner garden speak  –  “Be the Garden,” in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, 2011-2012.

.……..  More details coming soon … but to whet your appetite for more  … check out my pictures from this morning’s meditation on this link …….




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    WOW — and all that splendor in just one morning!

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