June 3 2011 Summer Circle with Ellen Cohen

June 3 2011 Summer Circle with Ellen Cohen

May 26th, 2011 (No Comments)

Join us for the next in the “awakening” series … for full flyer details check this link below:

A Conversation with your Body”   …. awakening inner movement …

• Set aside this day to honor the garden of your body within the abundant beauty of the Stonehaven summer garden.

• Leave the frenetic world for a few hours.

• Step into this quiet meditative space within a circle of soulful companions that love nature.

• Replenish your body and soul – your inner garden.

• Awaken your senses, your spiritual being, as you meander through Stonehaven and together as a group we will discover fresh ways to unearth our inner wisdom and grow our identities within the natural rhythms of nature in the delights of the early summer season.


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